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Jcpenney Cellular Shades

This is a first rate deal on a new jc penney replacement part bracket set! You can get it and use it at home or in the office, the bracket sets add a nice, new look to your window shade and make your window look wider and more wide.

Jcpenney Cordless Cellular Shades

The jc penney cordless cellular shades are top-rated substitute to add a touch of color to your home décor, the shades come in two styles - green and black - with metal brackets to keep your window clean. The shades also come with an included bracket to keep your window clean, this is a jc penney blackout cellular shades set. It includes a camera lens shade and a black plastic lens shade, the shades are also temple level and have adjustable height. The shades have black plastico-ring lenses and a black plastic lens cover, the cover grants an adjustable hinge that allows the shades to be turned to each height. The shades are also made to work with the phone's camera, this is a jc penney replacement part bracket set for the red and black color schemes. It features a dark green and black color scheme and is set to operate in the red or black color scheme, the bracket is comfortable to wear and reduces light interference while shades the door handle and window. The jc penney cellular shade is a first rate addition to your home office or work space, this unit is a replacement for the penney shade. The jc penney cellular shade is a dual purpose shade - to add extra shade on days when lightness is important, and to reduce energy usage, because you'll be using more light when you're working in bed or replicating a school desk, too - for only $5. 99 you can't find a better deal anywhere.